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Why do I feel sore after a massage? What happens to my body?

It is totally normal to feel tender or sore on or around the area of your body that received the massage. Many people have some mild pain and sometimes swelling after being massaged. This is called therapeutic inflammation, which occurs when new white blood cells come to the area to clean all the waste products in your tissues. Sometimes, unfortunately, this can cause a mild discomfort. When your muscles are tight for a long duration of time, your brain can shut off sensation to this area. A massage reactivates your brain’s awareness of these tissues. This causes a huge amount of new working blood cells to float in and cleanse old bad products out that have been building up for a long time.

3 Day process that you will go through after a massage:

Day 1: The day you receive a massage, you feel great. All of your muscles got loosened up although you felt pain during the massage once in awhile. You may feel tired or loopy.

Day 2: When you wake up in the morning, you may feel stiffness, tightness and fullness in the limbs or muscles that received massage. You could feel little sick if you have never had massage before or are a heavy smoker or drinker. A hot shower, ice and drinking a lot of water will help you feel better. You can also take Ibuprofen if the pain is too strong.

Bruising should not occur after a massage. If you see yourself bruised, your massage therapist worked on you too deeply and too quickly. At the next session, you need to tell your therapist about the bruises and that it is not ok. However, if you are easily susceptible to bruising (usually women), or if you are taking blood thinning medications or have other health issues, you should let your therapist know before the massage begins so that she or he will be aware during the session.

Day 3: Now you feel great! The pain and swelling that you were experiencing are gone; the stiffness and tightness on your body got much better. If you are having a long-term chronic issue, you may not feel 100 percent better but should get significant relief compared to before the massage. Just remember massage has a lot of effects and benefits for you, and how you feel after a massage depends on your individual lifestyle, health, and diet.